Practice Tools

Continuation & Discontinuation of Other Antihyperglycemic Agents When Using Insulin – Video Short

When initiating insulin, what should we do with other antihyperglycemics? Watch this video of Dr. Rene Wong to learn about this topic.

Developed: January 2016

Which Equation Should Pharmacists Use to Estimate Renal Function for Drug Dosing? – Video Short

Watch Dr. Lori MacCallum discuss the use of creatinine clearance and estimated glomerular filtration rate for drug dosing.

Developed: September 2015

Changing from Premixed Twice Daily to Basal + Bolus Insulin Regimen – Video Short

Dr. Rene Wong discusses how to change the insulin regimen of a patient with diabetes from Premixed Twice Daily (BID) to Basal + Bolus (MDI).

Developed: January 2016