Press Release – New Diabetes Pharmacists Network Learning Module for Pharmacists about the Need for Preconception Care in Women with Diabetes

Women with diabetes and their unborn children have a greater likelihood of developing complications during pregnancy, compared with the general population.

(Tuesday, March 28, 2017 – TORONTO) – Today, a new online interactive learning module launched that will help educate over a thousand pharmacists from across Canada on the recommendations for preconception care for women with diabetes. The project is the result of an on-going collaboration between the Diabetes Pharmacists Network based at the University of Toronto’s Banting & Best Diabetes Centre and Diabetes Action Canada.

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New Interactive Learning Module – Preconception Care in Women with Diabetes: What Do Pharmacists Need to Know?

Women with pre-existing diabetes who become pregnant have higher rates of perinatal complications than the general population. Preconception care involves recognizing and addressing biomedical and behavioral issues that may pose a risk to the health of a woman or fetus. Take part in our new Interactive Learning module and explore the ways pharmacists can help to identify appropriate women and raise awareness of the need for preconception care.

New Article – The Role of the Pharmacist Within a Diabetes Care Team in the Community

We asked our members to share their experiences overcoming barriers to delivering high quality healthcare to their patients with diabetes. Read our first story, from Susie Jin, describing her experiences as a pharmacist who has become increasingly engaged within her patients’ diabetes care team in the community. Susie describes how one of the benefits of team care is to be there for the patient, at the right time, when the patient is ready to accept support.